Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Great (Lunar Chronicles) Pumpkin Contest Finals!!!!

Yay people! Yay!

I'm in the finals! It's almost too exciting for words. Just the fact Marissa acknowledged she likes my pumpkin design is reward enough. But who doesn't love a little prize for their efforts???

I'm one little step away from winning, and I can't do it alone. I need your help...that is, if you like my design. If so...pleeeeease vote for me, "Whitney" here:

(Here's a reminder of my entry. Click on the photo to see it bigger.) 

And while you're at it...check out Marissa's blog. She gives great advice on writing, and she is currently writing an awesome series called The Lunar Chronicles. Each of the four books are a retelling based on different fairy tales. The first book, Cinder is already out. Scarlet  (book 2) will be out February 2013.

My prize...if I win the People's Choice Pumpkin award, will be a signed ARC of Scarlet.  How cool is that?!

Also, a BIG thanks for those of you who have checked out my blog because of Marissa's contest. It means a lot to me.

Hope your day is bright
Olive juice


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