Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I'm currently writing from a boy's POV. It's so much fun! And a challenge. I keep having to think to myself, "What would a boy do?" "What would a boy say?"

As a girl, I tend to be more emotional in my writing, both in creating dialogue and a character's actions. I've never delved into writing from a male's perspective before, so I find it exciting to stretch my thinking.

I've read various author's comments on how they let a character lead them in the direction the story should go, but I've never really understood it. Sometimes, when I've come to a road block, I have to close my eyes and let my mind wander. I guess that's the closest thing I could compare to letting my characters show me what they are going to do.

With my male character though, words are just flowing. I may hit little speed bumps here and there (cause I have to think outside my own gender), but it's a fun process.

To all the writers out there who haven't written from the POV of the opposite sex, I must say...Give it a try! It'll challenge your ability as a writer, make you think beyond yourself (cause I tend to put my own life's experiences, thoughts and emotions into my characters), and free your mind a little of writing the same kind of character.

Hope your day is bright!
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