Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello (fill your name in here). my name shall go unknown for the time being...cue the mysterious music. 
so why have a blog? my reasoning connects to a certain professor, whose comment on my portfolio, said that I have a great journal voice and need to become a blogger. enough said, right? well, sure. who wouldn't want to try this out if someone else told them they would be great at it? (right now I'm reading over what I wrote and am analyzing it, hoping i don't sound too corny or un-interesting)
there's just one thing though. what in the world am I going to write about (besides my professor's encouraging words)? I could talk about my life; but then again, that crosses personal boundaries I'm just not willing to share with you quite yet.
I could emulate Tavi Gevinson, and write about, critique, and display my passion (though it's not for fashion). My heart definitely lies in the creative arts though (and i include fashion in that category. where else would it go?).
lately I've been trying my hand at writing creative fiction. i also have a thing for taking pictures, reading, and otherwise consuming mass entertainment. you know, movies, t.v., internet surfing (the only kind I know).
i guess it will just be random displays of creativity from here on out. enjoy.
oh, you also might be wondering, "why twitter"? it's been a nickname for as long as i can remember. i was twitter before The twitter existed. I sometimes like to think the company jacked my name and partially ruined it's uniqueness. I can no longer be called that name without it being correlated to a website dedicated to letting everyone know the most mundane and idiotic things you do throughout the day. I mean, who needs to know that you spilt coffee on your pants while driving, or that you are heading off to slumber land? I don't get it, but whatever. I will stand by my name however, because it is original and will always be mine first.