Monday, July 2, 2012

Aliens, and Cats, and Bears! Oh my: Tokio Hotel Dreaming

On Saturday night I had the most unusual dream. I tweeted about it and thought I needed to blog about it. So here's the story...

I'm in class listening to music with my pink headphones on.
(Pink Zumreed Headphones)

Then I decide I need to pay attention (so I won't be lectured). But what do you know? I can't turn off my music, and everyone can hear it because I unplugged my headphones.
So my teacher stops lecturing our class and just stares at me. His intent is obvious. He wants me to feel embarassed. Jerk.

Seeing I have only one option, I leave class (embarassed). I then proceed to complain about said teacher to other students walking by. They don't listen. Feeling dejected.
Out of nowhere (cause that happens in dreams) comes someone I went to high school with.
(they shall remain anonymous)

Suddenly, I decide I need to go to the bathroom. It's approximately five fathoms down many foggy stairs.
Plot twist! The stairs turn into a huge slide...

(No, it's not like this. Imagine a silver tube-slide shaped like a horizontal oval.)

I get in the slide, but someone pushes me out of the way. Like heck! I push right back. *note to fellow dreamers: Don't push your figment's version of Bill Kaulitz. Even if he is a snobby girl at first, and then himself the very next second.
There's no need for pushing. We both fit in the slide, and there's still room on either side of us...
Turns out, you can take a nap on Bill Kaulitz (only while dreaming) if you pretend you don't know who he is. Especially when your eyes are closed; he's probably thinking you are mistaking him for someone else and doesn't want to disturb you (And by "you", I mean me).  I was napping after all (On Bill Kaulitz).
(Down Aliens! Back! was just a dream.)

Slide turns into limo.

(Take your pick. Not sure which I was in. Little bit distracted by taking a nap on Bill.)

Bill and I then proceed to debate music videos.
*Cue weird part of dream (and you thought it was already strange *smiles to self*).

Now I'm at home, looking through the window into the sunroom (where our cats sleep). I now have way more cats than I remember.
(Imagine twelve or more cats/kittens. And maybe some questionable furry things. They all have their Simon's Cat hungry faces on.)

Then! A baby cub comes walking into the sun-room. I freak out. Because everyone knows...where a cub is, a momma bear ain't far off.
*Cue momma bear:
(She wasn't mad...but you never know.)

The momma bear and her cub precede to head for the open sliding glass door in my parents' bedroom. I rush through the house, hoping to cut them off. How? With my rhetoric, bare hands, and whatever it was I could grab in my haste.
When I get there, the momma bear has turned into a she-vagabond, and the cub is now a bunch a children, who try to rob my parents right in front of me. Looks like guilting a person into feeling bad and offering lunch will stop their theft...almost reluctantly. The children race to the kitchen while I negotiate the terms of lunch with the she-vagabond.
Side note: don't let homeless children run free in your kitchen.
(This is sort of what it was like.)

When I come into the kitchen (which is suddenly huge-ish), I find the children baking countless strawberry pies. I yell at them and try to make them feel bad. Success rate: 80%. Personal achievement goals regarding parenthood authority: 10%. Feeling lame.
*Cue scenery change
I'm outside. The children are now psychiatric patients (as they probably should be). I am a practicing counselor. And wouldn't you is Bill Kaulitz.
(What?...I like pretty guys)

We're colleagues! But dream Bill is walking away from me. And to add one more thing on this pile of random socks, I see Matt Donovan.
(Yes. I said that correctly. Matt Donovan. Not Zach Roerig.)

So, I guess I'm sort of Caroline now. But I'm still within my own faculties. In my head, I know I must go to Matt (I've been watching season 2 of The Vampire Diaries with my mom in the waking world. They're dating), but I want to stay with Bill. Or run after him. So torn!

That is when I woke up. It was 5:00 in the morning. I had only gone to bed four hours earlier. Nasty.
It took me an hour to get back to sleep. You know, after all the tweeting, taking blogging notes, and contemplating said dream.
Some thoughts:
- My pink headphones have been acting up lately and it's really bothering me.
- Before this dream, I had woken up from a nightmare. I usually listen to music when this happens. So, I put on Tokio Hotel. Wouldn't you know it? You too can dream about Bill. Just play a little "Automatic" right before bed time.
- I was just telling my mom the other day that I think limos are stupid...I'm suddenly having a change of heart.
- The night before my dream, my mom and I were talking about getting new kittens.
- Bears? I just saw Brave last week.
- A family friend came over last week and took some of our rhubarb home to make a pie. He's been saying he wants to come back for more.
- Just the other day I was contemplating making a character in one of my stories a psychiatrist.
- During our nightly viewing of The Vampire Diaries, I've been telling my mom how I prefer Caroline with Matt over Tyler.

Isn't all of that crazy?! I think so. Well, except for the part about napping on Bill. That's totally sane.

Now I'm off to make some brownie cookies with salted caramel creme filling with my sister. Yum!

-Hope your day is bright
Olive juice