Saturday, March 9, 2013


I'm writing....stories.
When completed, they have certain wishes they would like to be fulfilled:
- to be placed on many sheets of paper
- to have those sheets of paper stacked between two pieces of really thick paper
- to have all that paper covered in a final layer of paper. It must be buttery smooth with a beautiful image printed across it
- to be placed on a shelf, where people can come admire them
- be bought by such lovely people

These stories have other dreams too. They hope that one day they will grow to be so loved, that people in the movie industry will read them and then fantasize about making them into movies.

Such as...

(*sigh* aren't they beautiful?)

Then, as the stories age, they wish for their covers to become well worn and placed lovingly amidst other well worn stories.

It's a bit ambitious...but a story can dream...

My stories and I hope your day is bright
Olive Juice