Monday, July 22, 2013


This year I have set for myself a list of goals I wish to accomplish. Some are life goals and some are things I've set for my own pleasure.

Pleasure Goal #1: Read 40 books this year.

Let me preface this by adding that a year or two ago I went on a reading binge during the summer, devouring like 23ish books in three months. It's ridiculous, but also really amazing. So when I was thinking of a number to set my goal at the beginning of the year, I remembered that summer and knew if I could read that many books in such a short amount of time, then I could definitely read twice that much in an entire year (also I had just finished book three or four in the Harry Potter series, so I felt like I had a jump start). backstep acutally. Yesterday, I finished reading Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan. I crossed it off of the list I keep next to by nightstand and then proceeded to pick up The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

(I'm reading the Penguin Classics version)

Okay now TODAY. I'm updating my Goodreads list and what do I notice???? I've read thirty nine books so far!

39 BOOKS! Out of 40! It's only July....

I think I need to update my reading goal. Question is, what should I set my goal to once I've finished Dorian Gray? Hmmm....

Well, in the mean time, I'm working on my story (I can't really call it a book yet. It seems too...what's the word I'm looking for??? Unfair? No, I don't know. I just can't call it a book yet). I've reached chapter 19 out of 29ish chapters.That's another one of my goals this year. Finish the first draft of my story.

Exciting things are happening this year people. Why? Because I'm making them exciting.
Set goals for yourself.
See what happens.
You just might find yourself smiling at the end of the year, feeling grateful and accomplished.
You can do amazing things.

Hope you are enjoying the clouds today.
Olive juice