Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I'm currently writing from a boy's POV. It's so much fun! And a challenge. I keep having to think to myself, "What would a boy do?" "What would a boy say?"

As a girl, I tend to be more emotional in my writing, both in creating dialogue and a character's actions. I've never delved into writing from a male's perspective before, so I find it exciting to stretch my thinking.

I've read various author's comments on how they let a character lead them in the direction the story should go, but I've never really understood it. Sometimes, when I've come to a road block, I have to close my eyes and let my mind wander. I guess that's the closest thing I could compare to letting my characters show me what they are going to do.

With my male character though, words are just flowing. I may hit little speed bumps here and there (cause I have to think outside my own gender), but it's a fun process.

To all the writers out there who haven't written from the POV of the opposite sex, I must say...Give it a try! It'll challenge your ability as a writer, make you think beyond yourself (cause I tend to put my own life's experiences, thoughts and emotions into my characters), and free your mind a little of writing the same kind of character.

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Karlee said...

I too am writing a book that includes male POV and I'm finding it's a lot of fun to write them. They honestly seem to flow better than the chapters from my female protagonists POV. It's great to get outside of your box. Stretches the mind and imagination!

twitter said...

Thanks for your comment Karlee. :) I hope your book turns out well.

Karlee said...

Thank you Twitter! Same to you. :)