Friday, November 2, 2012

The Great (Lunar Chronicles) Pumpkin Contest!

Happy (belated) Halloween!!!

How many of you out there still like to dress up despite not being children anymore? I know I certainly do. This year, I sort of changed my mind last minute on my costume and decided to make myself look like an anime. No one in particular, though a few people said I reminded them of someone (but they couldn't place it). So here's me in my get up. I think it kind of has an Alice in Wonderland vibe.

Anywho...This past month, I've been up to something. I know it's been forever since I last posted anything, but I promise this post will be fun. At least for me. And maybe Marissa Meyer...without whom, I would not have made a pumpkin this year. Before I reveal said pumpkin, I would like to take a moment to explain why it looks...the way it does.

Firstly, if the title of this post hasn't explained it, I am entering my pumpkin into The Great (Lunar Chronicles) Pumpkin Contest. Here are the guidelines:

"The Mission: Create a Lunar Chronicles-Inspired Pumpkin
The Prize: Two lucky winners will receive a signed ARC of SCARLET: Book Two of the Lunar Chronicles

How to Enter
1. Create a pumpkin inspired by CINDER or The Lunar Chronicles.
This could mean carving, painting, glitterizing, or otherwise decorating a real pumpkin, or even another squash or vegetable of your choice. (Random fact of the day: Before people carved pumpkins for All Hallow’s Eve, they carved turnips. True story.)
Or this could mean creating a papier-mâché pumpkin, sewing a pumpkin pillow, making a blown-glass pumpkin, painting a picture of a pumpkin, or any number of other things I can’t even fathom.
In other words, use your imagination!
Consideration will be given for creativity and effort. Just make sure that your design relates in some way to CINDER or The Lunar Chronicles."

Make sense? If you are wondering what Cinder is all about, check out my review of it here:

So, with those instructions in mind, I sat on my thoughts for a while. I tried to think of what I could do to make a) Marissa happy, b) me happy, and c) make my pumpkin stand out from all the rest. Then it hit me!

Make a pumpkin from Cinder's perspective!!! How cool would that be? You're right. So cool.

My reasons??? I figured it would be really interesting to see how Cinder might make a pumpkin. She didn't have a great upbringing (her stepmother is a horrible person), and wasn't allowed to do the same things as her stepsisters (all fun denied). Despite those circumstances however, Cinder tries her best to make the most of her situation by doing what she loves most. She's a mechanic. She can fix most anything...probably better than any guy.
I imagined Cinder watching her stepsisters carving pumpkins every year, while she had to clean all the pumpkin guts off the floor (yuck). I could envision her wanting to take part in the festivity but not being permitted to. But knowing Cinder has a bit of a rebellious streak, I thought she would defy her stepmother by making her own pumpkin downstairs in the basement. She would make it by compiling any of the spare parts she wasn't using. She might even go to the junkyard to find things that would work.
With that in mind, I give you my entry for the contest:

(It's a collage!)

The upper left picture has all the parts I started with. I found them all in my dad's shed. It was really fun raiding his stuff, because I felt like Cinder on one of her treks through the junkyard. The other three pictures are of the pumpkin. The top right shows what the inside looks like. I used orange ribbon to celebrate the color theme of Halloween, and I thought Cinder might have received the ribbon from her stepsister Peony (she's the nice one) who may have wanted Cinder to make her pumpkin marginally pretty. The bottom left shot is of the pumpkin from above. To make it glow, I used five tea lights, which I imagined Cinder pilfered from her stepmother's things. 

Here's a bigger image of the bottom right picture:

And here is one of me and the pumpkin:

(it's a bit blurry, but I was so happy it came out nicely. Plus I put on the gloves I used while making it, so I really felt like Cinder. Yay!)

And it wouldn't have been complete without this shot (albeit blurry) of my little buddy Harley. He's my Iko stand in!

(I had to make it black and white, or he wouldn't be visible. Isn't he cute!)

I hope you have enjoyed my little tricks here! If you are interested in learning more about Cinder or Marissa Meyer (the author), please check out her website here: She has a great blog for any aspiring authors looking for tips on writing.

Have a great day
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