Monday, May 28, 2012


Recentlyish...I discovered a new Korean/Chinese boy band. One group split into two. They sing the same songs, but one group sings them in Korean (Exo-K) and the other sings them in Mandarin (Exo-M). Check out these amazing videos. I love how they dance...

(Exo-K "Mama")

(Exo-K "History")

(Exo-M "What is Love")

Also...besides their obvious talent for singing, dancing, and certain ninja-like skills, Exo (K and M) has a certain ideal quality I find irresistable in men. BONUS...
"But what's that quality?", you might be wondering. My answer: If it's not obvious (cause it should be), I find them highly attractive.

Sidenote: In my dictionary, attractive right now is, "A man, possibly Asian, fashion conscious (dresses well), a dash of pretty (or a double recipe...two dashes of pretty), has beautiful hair (what? yes, i love hair), dimples wouldn't hurt (neither would an accent), and a full set of lips" Oh, and did I mention fit, cause I can't resist some nice shoulder-blades.
Am I asking for too much? Heck no! Have you seen the videos above? That's 12 counts of yes in my dictionary.

Do you like Exo-K/M?    

-Hope your day is bright
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