Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Vampire Diaries

so...I'm super excited for The Vampire Diaries tonight!
Just in case you aren't up to date on this show (haven't seen the first and second seasons) then STOP READING...i might spoil it for you. But if you are...oh boy(s)! 

First things first. I love Klaus. I especially love him because he is, not necessarily misunderstood, but complex (side-note: I love his mouth). When he first appeared in season 2, I hated him; mostly because he was manipulative, and murdered so many innocents (I still don't like that about him). Not to mention how he took over Alaric's body in season two....(side-note: Does anyone want to kick Alaric in the teeth right now?)

But anyway. Once he (Klaus) started to reveal himself as more than a "bad guy", as a man with "feelings" (tortured feelings?)...I don't know, a switch must have gone off in my brain. Said "switch" caught on fire when Klaus turned his head toward Caroline. It's almost like a cross between forbidden love and unrequited love. Don't you think? Does anybody else feel this way?  Also, I'm not a huge fan of Tyler anymore. And I'm pretty sure Klaus has nothing to do with this opinion...almost sure, like 90% sure.
As for Damon and Elena. Well "slap me thrice and hand me to me momma". I, as well as many others (maybe even you) was not surprised at all by last week's kiss. It was all a matter of time my friends. But the question is. Do/did I like it? Or, more accurately, do I want them to be together? Right now, I'm going to say no. WAIT...don't hurt me. Let me explain. 

In season 2, I was all over Damon wanting to be with Elena. I loved her with Stephen, but I had a little hope pocket in my heart completely reserved for Damon. He was (sometimes) making a turn for the better, especially when it concerned Elena (doing the right thing because she would want him to). And then to top it off...he was going to die?! I wanted her to kiss him something fierce. 

But now. Elena isn't with Stephen. She's free pickins'. Should she be with Damon??? Does she love Damon? I think so, but now my little hope pocket has Stephen in it, and I want him to be happy again. I still love Damon, but he seems like he's more together, better adjusted. Still volatile. But less...I'm going to go with sad puppy. He's less sad puppyish. More, vampire-with-two-feet-on-the-ground.
This picture is how I feel about Stephen right now. Don't you just want to hold him?! Poor lil' brudder.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say. I can't wait to see the girls in their 20's outfits...and Klaus.

In my next post, I think I'll review Legend by Marie Lu. It was really good...but that's all I'll say about it for now. 
And one more side comment...I saw the Hunger Games for the second time today. I loved it. The cinematography was amazing and the sound was incredible the way they used silence, ringing, and technology/voices to make the scenes come alive. It felt so realistic (I pray it never is). 
I can't wait till the next movie is made. As for me, I want to see who the casting agency chooses to play Finnick. I loved him (and Johanna) in the books. But I think Peeta is my favorite character overall. I was a little unsure with Josh Hutcherson at first, but he really pulled off Peeta's sincerity very well. And he didn't look so bad as a blond. I think it's his best performance to date.

Anyway, hope your day is bright.
...Olive juice everyone. 

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